The Power of a Supply Chain Operating Network

ArunSamuga_ElemicaIf you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, you understand the power of being on a network, especially from a communication and collaboration standpoint. And the larger the network grows, and the more capabilities that are added to the platform, the more value it provides to members. A similar dynamic exists in the business realm with supply chain operating networks. The more companies that are part of the network, and the more processes that they can execute on the platform, the greater the value for everyone. But how does a supply chain network achieve critical mass? How do you reduce the time and cost of onboarding trading partners? What are the key success factors for a network? What unique benefits does a network provide to members?

Arun Samuga, VP of Research and Development at Elemica, discussed those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Arun and keep the conversation going!

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