Emerge Channel

With decades of experience in logistics and seeing a gap in procurement
processes, we began development on Emerge. With our advanced Digital
Freight Marketplace platform, both shippers and carriers can adapt and
adjust to marketplace fluctuations in real-time. Our goal is simple: to facilitate
long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between shippers and carriers
and create a positive network effect.

Our team of like-minded logistics professionals focuses on service, accountability, and truly owning their outcomes every day.

Learn more at emergemarket.com, and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Descartes Videos & PODCASTS

[Video] The Final Mile in Food Logistics

Food, it’s a basic necessity. Whether you’re consuming it at a restaurant, buying it at a grocery store, or getting it at a food bank, the logistics behind the food industry is critically important. As with other industries, the Covid-19

[Video] How Vulnerable Is Your Supply Chain?

Back on February 24, President Biden issued the “Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains” which requires a review of potential vulnerabilities in the U.S. supply chains of key industries to prevent future occurrences of shortages that we experienced during the

[Video] The Reality of Last Mile Delivery Challenges

The end-to-end supply chain consists of many parts, but the rise of e-commerce (especially over the past year due to the pandemic) has put the spotlight on last mile delivery. What makes last mile delivery so complex? How has the



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