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Since 2003, we’ve been helping shippers of all sizes and across many industries select, implement and squeeze as much value as possible out of their logistics systems. We speak your language — not consultant-speak — and would love to discuss your logistics challenges with you.

Our leadership team has over 70 years of logistics and TMS implementation experience; we’re former TMS software product managers who have patents in multiple pieces of transportation technology. Because we operate in a niche — we’re not all things to all people — we only hire team members who have a very specialized skill set: logistics operations experience + transportation technology + communication and problem-solving skills + a bunch of other stuff.

As a firm, we’ve delivered over 50 implementations, ranging from full TMS programs to freight audit and payment, fleet routing and dispatch, visibility, and custom builds. How do we know our experience serves us well? Most of our new clients become repeat clients — averaging four projects with us.

Learn more at jbf-consulting.com, and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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