Course TLY02: Building a Strong Transportation Management Foundation

This 4-session course provides an overview of how to build a strong transportation management foundation, with a focus on strategy development, procurement, the role of technology, and the importance of enabling a continuous improvement culture and processes.

Session 1: Building a Strong Transportation Management Foundation

In this session, Chris Timmer outlines the attributes of a strong transportation management foundation and how to build it. Discussion topics include:

  • The components of an effective transportation management strategy
  • How to develop and manage successful carrier relationships
  • The need for well-defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and business processes
  • How to leverage the right metrics and carrier scorecards to manage performance
  • The role of technology in enabling smart and efficient processes

Session 2: What Are Other Shippers Doing? Leading Practices in Transportation Procurement

In many ways, the success of a company’s transportation operations begins with how well it plans and executes its transportation procurement process. In this session, Tim Dalton provides an overview of some fundamental practices that shippers should consider when developing their transportation procurement strategy and executing a bid, and he addresses the following questions:

  • When is the right time to conduct a procurement engagement?
  • Should we put all of our lanes out to bid or just a portion?
  • What type of carriers should we work with? How do we evaluate them?
  • How do we decide between incumbent and new carriers?
  • What is the best way to leverage benchmarking data and market intelligence?
  • How do we measure the success of a procurement engagement?

Session 3: Executing Your Transportation Strategy: The Essential Role of Transportation Management Technology

In this session, Chris Johnson discusses the important role technology plays in helping companies successfully execute their transportation strategy. Discussion topics include:

  • The current state of transportation management systems (TMS)
  • The most important capabilities companies need to execute their strategy
  • Why having a robust and reliable connectivity network is essential
  • Optimization — it’s role, and why it’s often misunderstood.
  • How mobile technology will continue to augment traditional transportation management processes
  • Future developments in TMS to keep an eye on

Session 4: Driving Continuous Improvement in Transportation Management

In this concluding session, Bill Madden discusses how to drive continuous improvement in transportation management. Discussion topics include:

  • How to identify and prioritize continuous improvement opportunities
  • The role of people and technology in enabling the process
  • Getting support from management and stakeholders for initiatives
  • How to measure and report results
  • The role of service providers and technology partners