Important Steps to Achieving Global Freight Management Success

Many companies operating in the United States have achieved an inclusive look into their transportation spend, but unfortunately many companies that do business on a global level have struggled to achieve full freight process management. Why is that?

Doug Kahl and Joanne Chan from enVista explore that question and share insights and advice on how to achieve global freight management success in this timely and informative episode.

  • With data and information spread out across many different IT systems and entities, how are companies addressing this issue? What are some leading practices?
  • How are companies addressing B2B connectivity, especially since EDI is not a one-size-fits all solution?
  • What type of data is most important and what actions should companies take to ensure it’s quality?
  • How are leading companies managing customs and regulatory compliance?
  • In terms of managing global freight management performance, what are some fundamental metrics companies should consider tracking?

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