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the number 11

A Decade + 1 (Making My Luck)

“¿Qué número salió?” It was the question everybody asked around 5:00 pm every day in my neighborhood growing up in Brooklyn. People would walk into

Fanned book

A Mental Break From Coronavirus

On Monday mornings, I usually write a post about some emerging trend or topic in the world of supply chain and logistics. But with coronavirus


If Only

I listened to a sermon last week that began with a discussion on happiness. The preacher talked about “the myths of happiness,” based on the

Chemistry experiment

Who Comes First: Customers or Employees?

Should companies put customers or employees at the center of their universe? There are two competing thoughts on this question, as illustrated by Jeff Bezos

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8 Years an Entrepreneur

Eight years ago yesterday I began my career as an entrepreneur. I spent the day (and the next three weeks) as a juror in a