The Executive Perspective: A Conversation with Jim Matcham

In our “Executive Perspective” episodes, we explore the key issues and topics that are “top of mind ” for supply chain and logistics executives today. In this episode, Adrian discusses a variety of industry trends and topics with Jim Matcham, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Business Improvement at a leading manufacturing company.

Watch as Jim shares his perspective on…

  • The biggest challenge facing supply chain and logistics executives today
  • Transportation trends, including collaborative shipping, alternative fuel vehicles, being a “carrier friendly shipper,” and Hours of Service
  • The role of technology, including mobile and social media, in getting his job done
  • Talent and leadership development
  • Advice for young professionals and students interested in pursuing a career in supply chain and logistics

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Note: The views and opinions expressed by our guests are their own and do not reflect the views and opinions of their current or past employers.