Social Media from a Legal Perspective – A Conversation with Attorney Daliah Saper

Social media is raising new legal questions and challenges for both companies and their employees. In this episode, attorney Daliah Saper, an expert in the legal issues surrounding social media, discusses some of these issues — such as employee privacy, employer rights, and intellectual property protection — and what steps companies and employees should take to successfully address these issues.

Watch as Daliah addresses the following questions and topics:

  • Where’s the line between employee privacy (and what belongs to them) and employer rights?
  • Is stolen or fake social media identities (think Manti Te’o) a risk for companies and employees?
  • Can what you post on social media sites be used as evidence in legal disputes?
  • What are some of the intellectual property (IP) issues, risks, and challenges associated with social media?
  • Is blocking access to social media sites “smart” from a legal perspective? Does it really protect a company?

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