The Future of Truckload Transportation

Over the past few years, shippers have been talking about wanting to get out of one-way truck freight — that is, take freight off the truckload grid and shift more volume to rail, intermodal, and dedicated. At the same time, we’re seeing e-commerce continue to grow, which is driving more companies to ship via parcel. And even some large trucking companies are emphasizing their intermodal and 3PL services over their trucking operations. In light of these trends and others, what is the future of truckload transportation, particularly long haul? In this episode, Adrian shares his thoughts on this question.

Watch as Adrian discusses…

  • Why shippers are looking to take freight off “the truckload grid” and some of the actions they are taking
  • Some of the trends impacting demand for truckload transportation.
  • How leading carriers like JB Hunt and Swift view the future of truckload transportation
  • Four factors that will define truckload transportation in the years ahead

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