The Important Role of Packaging in Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization

A lot of consumer packaged goods (CPG) and food companies are under-leveraging their packaging operations – in other words, they haven’t really analyzed where they should be doing it and how to use it more effectively to achieve greater supply chain benefits.

In this episode, Paul Lomas, VP at Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, discusses some of the reasons why packaging seems to fall through the cracks in supply chain decisions, and he’ll provide some examples of how companies are using packaging to enable and enhance their postponement and sustainability strategies and make smarter supply chain network design decisions.

Watch as Paul…

  • Defines the different types/levels of packaging and which type has the most impact on supply chain networks
  • Shares examples of how companies are under-leveraging their packaging operations
  • Talks about the link between packaging and postponement and sustainability strategies
  • Discusses the role of a 3PL as it relates to packaging and supply chain network design and optimization

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