Not Your Father’s TMS: Important Questions to Consider When Evaluating and Selecting a Next-Generation TMS

Evan Puzey, CMO, Kewill
Evan Puzey, CMO, Kewill

Transportation of goods is much more complex than it used to be. Recently, a number of analyst firms have reported on this increase in complexity and the substantial growth in the TMS marketplace. Why is the shipment of goods more challenging today and what technologies should companies consider to properly manage the complexity?

An effective transportation management strategy – and an effective transportation management system (TMS) – must include features that can help you manage this complexity and the challenges that come with multimodal transport, including order-to-delivery visibility, carrier selection, rate management and compliance with local customs and trade regulations for international shipments.

Join Evan Puzey of Kewill and Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics as they discuss these important questions you need to consider as you build a business case.

  1. What’s the right time to buy a TMS and which one do you need?
  2. How do you justify the investment to your business?
  3. How important is visibility of both outbound and inbound shipping?
  4. What questions to ask yourself prior to going to your board?
  5. What are the key benefits to consider when deciding on an on-premises vs. Cloud deployment?
  6. How important are other tangential benefits such as cross border shipments; end-to-end visibility of both outbound and inbound shipments; multimodal transportation capabilities and track and trace functionality?
  7. Should the size of the carrier network matter?

In building a business case for TMS, you must consider three key factors – multimodal transportation growth, competitive advantage and return on investment (ROI). Watch Evan and Adrian discuss how taking a strategic approach can have a big (and positive) impact on your business if done correctly.

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