Legal Advice on Developing Successful Supply Chain Relationships

Sarah_RathkeA few months ago there was a lot of press about the business relationship between Apple and GT Advanced Technologies, which has become a great example of a supply chain relationship that went wrong. Are these types of supply chain disputes common? What is the root cause of these disputes? How can the legal team help companies create highly-collaborative business relationships instead of being, in the eyes of some supply chain execs, a barrier to it?

Sarah Rathke is a trial lawyer, author, and frequent speaker and teacher whose practice focuses on litigating supply chain disputes. She also advises businesses on supply chain issues and maintaining productive supply chain relationships. Sarah is a partner at the international law firm of Squire Patton Boggs LLP, which has 44 legal offices in 21 countries.

In this episode, Sarah shares insights and advice on how supply chain professionals and their legal teams can develop successful supply chain relationships and prevent (or at least minimize) the risk of disputes.

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