Market Fluctuations in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Catalyst for Supply Chain Improvement

Market fluctuations are the norm in the Oil and Gas Industry, as we’ve seen over the past year. Oil prices have dropped from over $100 per barrel to about $50 today, which is leading companies in the industry to cut back on capital spending and layoff workers. As is often the case, some companies respond to downturns by cutting costs and taking other short-term actions to simply weather the storm, while others view a downturn as a catalyst for change — that is, as an opportunity to make supply chain improvements that will pay dividends not only in the near term, but for years to come, regardless of market conditions.

How are market fluctuations impacting the supply chain and logistics operations of Oil and Gas companies? What are some key areas for process improvements? Which metrics are the most important? What role can third-party logistics providers play in helping Oil and Gas companies move up the supply chain maturity curve?

Kent Stuart, Director of Oil and Gas at at C.H. Robinson, addresses those questions and more in this timely and important episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Kent and keep the conversation going!

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