Executing Your Transportation Strategy: The Essential Role of Transportation Management Technology

ChrisJohnson_WebThe first two episodes of this educational series focused on the link between transportation management and supply chain excellence, and how to define and implement an effective transportation strategy. In this episode, led by Chris Johnson, VP Research and Development at LeanLogistics, we will discuss the important role technology plays in helping companies successfully execute their transportation strategy. Watch as Chris discusses:

  • The current state of transportation management systems (TMS)
  • The most important capabilities companies need to execute their strategy
  • Why having a robust and reliable connectivity network is essential
  • Optimization — it’s role, and why it’s often misunderstood.
  • How mobile technology will continue to augment traditional transportation management processes
  • Future developments in TMS to keep an eye on

If you’re a transportation executive, you don’t miss this timely and important episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Chris and keep the conversation going!

Podcast version (click to play):