From Project to Continuous Business Process: The Evolution of Supply Chain Design

Historically, Supply Chain Design was an exercise companies undertook at most once a year, or when a significant change occurred in their supply chain, such as an acquisition. It was a strategic/tactical analysis, disconnected from day-to-day operations, and the software tools were difficult to learn and use.

Today, Supply Chain Design is becoming more operational and real-time, as companies have to respond more quickly and intelligently to fast-changing forces impacting their business. What factors are driving this new approach to Supply Chain Design? How is it changing the way companies conduct transportation modeling and simulation? What lessons can companies learn from the leaders in Supply Chain Design? Are companies building this capability in-house or relying on third party logistics partners for support? What attributes should companies look for in a Supply Chain Design solution?

Gary Allen, Vice President of Supply Chain Excellence at Ryder, and Jeff Metersky, Vice President of Customer Success Strategy at LLamasoft, address those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching post a question or comment for Gary and Jeff and keep the conversation going!

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