Keys to a Successful TMS Implementation

Terry Wray, VP Services at 3Gtms addresses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode:

  • Considering that transportation management systems have been around for almost three decades now, why do we still need to have this conversation today about how to successfully implement a TMS?
  • What are some the challenges or obstacles companies face that could derail a TMS implementation
  • What defines a successful TMS implementation, and when you look at companies that do it right, what are some of the common threads or their recipe for success?
  • How do you keep the success going after going live?
  • For companies that are getting ready to implement a TMS for the first time, or maybe replace a proprietary or outdated system, what questions should they ask themselves to assess whether they’re setting themselves up for success or failure?

Podcast version (click to play):