Closing the Gaps in Supply Chain Visibility [Video]

John Martin, Director of Business Development at MercuryGate and Brian Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer at SMC3 discuss the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode:

  • In your experience working with clients, what are the biggest gaps in supply chain visibility and why do those gaps still exist?
  • When it comes to transportation visibility, are the challenges the same across all modes or does each mode present unique challenges? What about between domestic and international shipments?
  • What’s the first step to close the visibility gaps? How do companies get started?
  • When it comes to Control Tower visibility, what capabilities or functionality should companies look for in a solution?
  • Can you share some examples of how closing the gaps in supply chain visibility delivers business value?
  • What questions should supply chain and logistics executives ask themselves to assess whether they have the right capabilities in place to close the gaps in their supply chain visibility?

Podcast version (click to play):