Secrets of Shipping Leaders: How They Get Better Truckload Service and Pricing [Video]

Steve Raetz, Director of Research and Market Intelligence at C.H. Robinson, discusses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode:

  • What was the goal of this new research project?
  • How do you define and measure a perfect shipment?
  • How do Leaders compare to Laggards when it comes to Perfect Shipments?
  • One of the key findings is that leaders rationalize their truckload supplier base. Can you elaborate on what that means, and what impact does that have on performance and price?
  • The number of carriers and brokers you use is one factor, but the research also shows that how and where you use them also leads to better performance. Why is that?
  • Did the research show any difference between asset-based and non-asset suppliers? How do you determine the right blend of suppliers to use?
  • Any other insights from the research? Did it raise any new questions to explore in future research?
  • What questions should shippers ask themselves to assess whether they’re a leader or laggard when it comes to setting themselves up to achieve the best performance and best price possible from their transportation partners?

Podcast version (click to play):