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Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: The Beginning of Something Big or Another Failed Tech Marriage?

The big news this week was Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Is this the beginning of something big and transformative in the way we work and collaborate together or is it the beginning of another failed marriage between two tech companies? Of course, only time will tell, but regardless of whether Microsoft and LinkedIn […]

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Takeaways from Food Shippers of America 60th Annual Conference

“A Changing Environment Demands Changing Strategies” – that was theme of the Food Shippers of America 60th Annual Conference held earlier this month in San Antonio, where more than 950 attendees (including food shippers, consignees, carriers, 3PLs, and technology companies) gathered to discuss emerging trends and leading practices in the industry. It was a theme […]

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Facebook for Supply Chain Communication and Collaboration?

“Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate” — I’ve been using that line as the subtitle of my keynote presentations this year. My first question to the audience: Why communicate, collaborate, and innovate in that order? Why not innovate first? The short answer is that communication and collaboration — especially, and most importantly, between people — is the foundation […]

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