The Next Big Thing in Supply Chains: The Rise of Entrusts – A Conversation with Art Mesher, CEO of Descartes

In a recent blog post, Descartes CEO Art Mesher shares his outlook for the future of supply chains and software-as-a-service (SaaS), predicting the rise of what he calls “Entrusts.” Adrian explores this topic in more detail with Art, and what it means for supply chain executives, CIOs, and the technology community.

Watch as Art discusses…

  • How the definition of “permanence” in business relationships is changing
  • Why many supply chain systems are becoming obsolete
  • The what and why of Entrusts
  • How Entrusts are different from marketplaces and exchanges from the dotcom era
  • What’s at stake for supply chain executives
  • His advice for students and young professionals interested in a supply chain and logistics career

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