Beyond the Calculation: How to Use Total Landed Cost for Supply Chain Benefits

In this episode, Chris O’Brien, Senior Vice President at C.H. Robinson, discusses several important factors necessary to calculate total landed cost, and just as important, how companies can leverage TLC to derive supply chain benefits.

Watch as Chris addresses the following questions:

  • Why is calculating Total Landed Costs a challenge for many companies? What are the consequences of having poor TLC data?
  • Is part of the objective to move TLC calculations from a back-end, after-the-fact process to a front-end, real-time one?
  • Why is SKU-level data so important? What insights can companies gain from having high-quality SKU-level data?
  • What role do people and technology play in this process? What about your 3PL partners?
  • What are some of the supply chain benefits companies can achieve by leveraging TLC data?

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