“No Greatness Without Goodness” – A Conversation with Randy Lewis, former SVP Supply Chain & Logistics at Walgreens

Randy Lewis recently retired from Walgreens, where he worked for more than 20 years, serving most recently as SVP of Supply Chain and Logistics. Randy spearheaded Walgreens’ initiative to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities, which earned the company well-deserved recognition from the disabled community, industry peers, and the press. The lessons learned from that experience, which he shared in a testimony to the United States Senate in March 2011, serve as the foundation for his upcoming book, “No Greatness Without Goodness.”

Watch as Randy discusses…

  • The biggest changes he’s seen in the supply chain and logistics industry, and what has surprised him the most
  • His view on omni-channel fulfillment and home delivery
  • What “No Greatness to Goodness” means and some of the stories and lessons he wants to communicate to readers
  • How companies can overcome “analysis paralysis” when it comes to pursuing new opportunities with a lot of unknowns
  • What excites him the most about the future of supply chain and logistics, and what concerns him the most
  • His advice for students and young professionals

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