Hitting the Reset Button on Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Transportation networks are becoming more dynamic and complex, as shippers deal with a variety of industry trends and challenges, including tightening capacity, new regulations, and the growing role of intermodal and dedicated. At the same time, transportation is playing a critical role in enabling growth strategies, such as e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment initiatives.

In light of these trends, is it time to hit the reset button on what a transportation management system (TMS) means? What defines a TMS today? Why is changing your perspective important?

In this episode, Mike Mulqueen, Senior Director at Manhattan Associates, discusses the macro-economic factors that are impacting shippers today; how TMS solutions have evolved over the years and where they are heading; and why companies need to take a broader and more integrated definition of Transportation Management Systems in order to profitably execute their strategic initiatives.

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