The Benefits of Taking a Holistic and Integrated Approach to Transportation Management

Historically, many companies treated international transportation separately from domestic transportation, much like they treated inbound separate from outbound. Are companies taking a more holistic and integrated perspective today? If so, what’s driving the change?

Also, years ago, if you were looking for a transportation management system (TMS) that handled both domestic and international shipments, and if parcel and private fleet were also part of your operations, you had to deploy three or four different solutions. Today, we’re seeing those capabilities converge into single platforms. As a result, what can companies do today — and what benefits can they achieve — that they couldn’t in the past? What key capabilities should companies look for in TMS today, particularly if they engage in both domestic and international shipping?

Doug Surrett, VP of International Solutions at MercuryGate, answers those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Doug and keep the conversation going!