A Portfolio Management Approach to Transportation Optimization

BrooksBentzThe quest for transportation cost savings and service improvement is never ending, but many companies still take a fragmented approach to analyzing and optimizing their transportation operations — whether it’s looking at their inbound, outbound, and inter-facility moves separately, or taking a fragmented, mode-by-mode approach to procurement. A more effective practice is to take a “portfolio management” approach to transportation analysis and optimization, which provides deeper insights into what’s really happening in your transportation network and unlocks greater opportunities for cost savings and continuous improvement. What are the main building blocks to taking a portfolio management approach? What are the main challenges involved and how can companies overcome them? How does portfolio management impact shipper-carrier relationships? How are shippers and carriers benefiting?

Brooks Bentz, President of Supply Chain Consulting at Transplace, addresses those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Brooks and keep the conversation going!

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