International Transportation Services Are Changing – Are You Keeping Up?

Sheila Hewitt HeadshotInternational logistics services have changed over the last few years and are continuing to evolve. The change has been customer driven, and is due to many of the major global players letting their infrastructure lapse in keeping up with the demands of the global supply chain. When it comes to international logistics, there are a number of separate entities involved on both the import and export side, and there’s not one cohesive location managing everyone as well as all the data involved.

IT infrastructure is critical to the global supply chain and serves as the foundation for a solid logistics program. When you have multiple parties involved, the common denominator is being able to report on three key parallels of the global supply chain – the physical movement of cargo, the data associated with the movement of goods, and the actual documentation associated with the movement of goods – moving in sync. If it’s out of sync, there are fines and additional costs involved, so IT infrastructure is fundamental to your logistics program.

Is it time to reexamine your international services?

Sheila Hewitt, Vice President of International Logistics at Transplace, provides insights and advice on this topic in this timely and important episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Sheila and keep the conversation going!

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