[Video] High Fuel Prices and Logistics: Actions Companies Can Take to Mitigate the Impact

As if transportation and logistics executives didn’t have enough challenges to deal with already, high fuel prices have been added to their plate. As reported in a recent CNBC article, “Diesel prices are contributing to inflationary headwinds due to the fuel’s vital role in the American and global economy. Tankers, trains, and trucks all run on diesel. The fuel is also used across industries including farming, manufacturing, metals and mining.” Is this a short term problem or a lingering one? Is this a problem just for transportation professionals or does it impact other functional groups too? And, most importantly, what actions can companies take to mitigate the impact? Those are the main questions that Chris Jones, Executive Vice President, Industry and Services at Descartes discusses in this Talking Logistics episode.

Podcast version (click to play):