[Video] The Important Role of Logistics in Enabling Risk Mitigation and Resilience Strategies

Over the past four years, due in large part to the Covid pandemic, there has been a lot of discussion about the importance of risk management and how companies need to create more resilient supply chains, with logistics being a key enabler. We were reminded of this again just a few days ago, when a cargo ship crashed into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore causing it to collapse. In addition to the tragic loss of life, supply chains will be impacted for some time as this bridge was the main entryway to the Port of Baltimore, which moved three million tons of cargo in 2023. What other supply chain and logistics challenges are companies facing today? How are leading companies mitigating risks and creating more resilient supply chains? How is technology helping? Those are the key questions that Martin Verwijmeren, Managing Director of Industry Practices at Kinaxis, discusses in this Talking Logistics episode.

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