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One More Prediction for 2016: Blockchain Technology Will Make Its Debut in Supply Chain Management

Last week, I shared my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2016. Due to space and time limitations, I only included seven predictions on my list. But a press release issued by IBM last Thursday has prompted me to add another prediction to the list: Blockchain technology will make its debut in supply chain management […]

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Internet of Things is Great, But Don’t Ignore Internet of People

If you turn your hype detector to “high” right now, you’ll find the Internet of Things (IoT) — a rapidly approaching world where almost everything around us (home appliances, factory equipment, shipping containers, store shelves, air conditioners, cars, buildings…) will have sensors in them, collecting all sorts of data, and these “smart” things will talk […]

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The Perfect Answer to “What’s the ROI of Social Networking?”

Whenever I’m asked “What’s the ROI of social networking?” I reply with a question: What’s the ROI of email? You never hear supply chain executives ask that question, yet they use the ROI question as a way to delay or block the deployment of social networking technologies at their companies. Email, as you probably know […]

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