Top 10 Talking Logistics Blog Posts (May-Aug 2014)

I’m attending CSCMP’s Annual Global User Conference this week, one of the best conferences in the supply chain field for learning and networking. I look forward to sharing my takeaways from the conference in a future post. In the meantime, in case you missed them the first time around or want to read them again, check out the Top 10 Talking Logistics Blog Posts we’ve published from May through August of this year. After reading them, share this post with your colleagues and social media followers, and then post a comment and share your perspective on these topics!

  1. The CFO Walks into the VP of Transportation’s Office
  2. What is an Outside-In Supply Chain?
  3. Driver Shortage in Trucking: Time for Plan B
  4. Uber, the Next Amazon?
  5. HP’s New Style of IT: The Social Supply Chain
  6. Lesson from a Little League Loss
  7. “Truck Drivers are Treated Like Trash With No Rights”
  8. GM Supplier Factory Explosion: Thoughts on Supply Chain Visibility and Responsibility
  9. The Big (Crappy) Data Problem in Supply Chain Management
  10. Your 3PL as Supply Chain Risk Management Partner?

(Click HERE to read the Top 10 Talking Logistics Blog Posts from Jan-Apr 2014)

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Usability Matters: The Importance of the User Interface in TMS

Live Episode: September 30, 2014 at 12:00 ET

Evaluating whether a transportation management system (TMS) meets your functional requirements remains critically important. But after that list has been checked off, you need to give equal time and consideration to evaluating the user experience. Many user interfaces are crammed with too many features and too much information that users don’t need or want to accomplish… Continue reading

This Week in Logistics News (September 15-19, 2014)

Are you attending the CSCMP Annual Global Conference next week? If so, let’s connect. I’d welcome the opportunity to meet with supply chain executives to discuss your research questions and objectives for the coming year, and with technology companies and 3PLs to get an update on your products and services.

It’s clear from this week’s long list of news that the pace of change and innovation in… Continue reading

How to Use Big Data to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

According to a July 2014 supply chain research study from Accenture focused on Big Data and supply chain risk management, most organizations have high hopes for using big data analytics in their supply chain but many have had challenges in deploying it. In fact, as noted in the study, “97 percent of executives reported having an understanding of how big data analytics can benefit their supply chain, but only… Continue reading

What’s Happening with Transportation Regulations?

Transportation regulations are a hot topic of discussion these days, with Hours of Service (HOS) arguably getting the lion’s share of attention. But there are other regulations that will certainly impact the transportation industry in the coming years, such as Electronic Logging Devices and Minimum Carrier Insurance Requirements.

Jason Craig, Manager of Government Affairs at C.H. Robinson, was my guest on Talking Logistics recently, where he provided