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Revisiting Asking Good Questions (Insights from Indago)

Editor’s Note: In March 2015, we published a post titled “Did You Ask A Good Question Today?” that discussed why asking good questions is an important skill, especially for supply chain professionals. We revisited this

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The Final Mile in Food Logistics

Whether you’re consuming it at a restaurant, buying it at a grocery store, or getting it at a food bank, food is a basic necessity, which makes the logistics behind the food industry critically important.

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A Decade + 1 (Making My Luck)

“¿Qué número salió?” It was the question everybody asked around 5:00 pm every day in my neighborhood growing up in Brooklyn. People would walk into my family’s bodega and immediately ask, “¿Qué número salió?” —

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Navigating the Wave of Ocean Shipping Constraints

Trucking has traditionally gotten the lion’s share of attention in transportation, but the pandemic-related disruptions to global supply chains, particularly the congestion at ocean ports with dozens of ships waiting offshore to unload, is causing

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The Logistics Relay Race

Not too many people are familiar with the Ragnar relay races. In these endurance competitions, teams of 12 individuals run various segments (or legs) of

Editor’s Pick: Status of On-Demand Trucking

Note: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on

Checklist for Creating a Capacity Capture Plan

For logistics leaders, continued supply chain volatility has increased the use of shorter-term contracts and reliance on the spot market to access freight capacity. According