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Learning to Sit With Uncertainty

On an ordinary night this past September, I lost my ability to sleep. The sun went down, it got late, I went to bed, but I never got sleepy. I was up all night. One

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What’s Happening in the Robotics Market?

What’s happening in the robotics market? I guess it depends on who you ask and how you define “the robotics market.” Last week, the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced that “after record orders in

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Can You Have Too Much Supply Chain Visibility?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Too much of a good thing,” which the Grammarist defines as “an excessive amount that becomes overwhelming or harmful, rather than helpful or pleasurable.” The phrase popped into my head

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Is Your Supply Chain Team Still Working Remotely?

Earlier this month, as reported by Katie Burke at CoStar News, UPS announced that beginning March 4 it is requiring all corporate employees to return to the office full time. Here’s an excerpt from the

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Who’s Really in Your Supply Chain Network? 

There was a time when a business person’s Rolodex® was considered a treasure. Salesmen, PR agents, and many other professionals recorded names, addresses, phone numbers,