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Going Beyond the Hype: Successful AI in Supply Chain Management

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, many companies are still in the learning phase. They’re trying to understand the technology landscape and what’s possible, but it’s a bit challenging because everything is evolving so fast.

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“Social Loafing” in Human-Robot Teams

Does social loafing, defined as reduced individual effort on a task performed in a team compared to a task performed alone, occur in human–robot teams? Researchers from the Technical University of Berlin explored that question

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Catching Up on Transportation Management Systems

As I wrote back in October 2018, when it comes to Transportation Management Systems (TMS), “there is always something new to talk about. The scope and capabilities of transportation management systems, as well as the

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Key Takeaways from SAP Logistics Info Days 2023

During 2020 and 2021, most companies were focused on managing the disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic. In 2022, having a bit more room to breathe, companies started to reflect on the lessons learned from

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Empowering Vendors to Reduce Pre-Shipment Delays

Streamlining pre-shipping efforts creates efficiency and visibility In an IDC research survey, supply chain executives agree, “visibility, agility, supply diversification, and collaboration strategies” are the