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How Resilient is Your Supply Chain?

In February 2021, US President Biden announced via an executive order that “it is the policy of my Administration to strengthen the resilience of America’s supply chains.”  What does supply chain resilience mean? “For companies,

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How to Sleep in a Supply Chain Storm

In his book “Have a Little Faith,” Mitch Albom shares the following story from a sermon given by Rabbi Albert Lewis in 1975: “A man seeks employment on a farm. He hands his letter of

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Is It Time to Rename Supply Chain Management?

Has the term “supply chain” become “overused ad nauseam”? The folks at Lake Superior State University believe so, which is why they included supply chain on their annual list of banished words for 2022. Not

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Product Returns: Another Moment of Truth

I’ve said in the past that last-mile delivery is a new moment of truth, a moment where you can further delight your customer and strengthen your brand reputation, or a moment where you can potentially

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Supply Chain and Logistics: What Will Stay the Same in 2022?

Editor’s Note: Indago ResearchCasts are brief videos where we highlight findings from our Indago supply chain research community. As we begin 2022, it’s tempting to make predictions about what will happen in the weeks and

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What’s Choking Food Supply Chains?

After the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, a co-worker in Florida commented that her grocery store was restricting cream cheese purchases, creating a buzz and

7 Ways Shippers Can Use Data to Collaborate with Carriers

Communication is central to effective shipper-carrier relationships, especially in today’s competitive operating environment. With new developments in transportation management software (TMS), shippers can bridge the

Growing the Business as a Freight Broker

Editor’s Note: In a recent video, two industry experts from 3Gtms, Ron Lee, the company’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, and JP Wiggins, the company’s