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The Evolution from Control Tower to Center of Excellence

Control Tower and Center of Excellence (CoE) are two terms mentioned repeatedly as companies try to gain better visibility, control, and performance from supply chains that are becoming more dynamic and complex every day. But

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Manufacturing in the US: Past the Point of No Return?

I started my career at Motorola in the early 90s in its semiconductor division (which was later spun off and became ON Semiconductor). I was a packaging engineer on a team called PRISM, which stood

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Trade and Tariffs: Preparing for the Year Ahead

We have a saying here in New England when it comes to the weather: just wait a minute because it will surely change. The same can be said about global trade and tariffs, especially over

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The Need to Exceed: The Race to Become an ‘xPL’

Last month, Adrian Gonzalez’s blog post on value-added services for third-party logistics providers (3PL) provided statistical evidence from a survey that supports the transformational trend

Control Tower Software Reaches New Heights

Shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) face significant challenges tracking in-transit cargo due to a lack of status updates between ports. While this isn’t a

Optimizing Your Supply Chain Costing

Supply chain costing is the collection, expense assignment, and analysis of cost information across all the work activities comprising a supply chain for the purpose