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3,500 Sunrises Later

There is a 10-year anniversary coming up in October that I won’t celebrate. No cake, no balloons, no presents. But it is a day that I cannot forget.  October 4, 2011: the day my oldest

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Why LSPs Need a Digital Transformation Strategy

Industry analysts, consultants, and enterprise software vendors have been talking about the importance of digital transformation for many years. But the message didn’t hit home for many companies until 2020, as they struggled to respond


What We Need (More Of) Now in Logistics

In logistics, somebody has to own the assets.  That was the title of a post I wrote way back in April 2013. Here’s how it begins: In most aspects of life, an asset is an

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Technology’s Role in Enabling Supply Chain Sustainability

More than 15 years ago, Walmart’s CEO at the time, Lee Scott, gave a speech titled “Twenty-First Century Leadership” that arguably kicked off the supply chain sustainability era. Over the years, some companies have made

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How Logistics Technology Helps Shippers Overcome Challenges

There’s never a dull moment for transportation professionals. Whether it’s finding capacity, managing costs, meeting more stringent service requirements, or creating a more resilient operation — the list of challenges is never-ending. Fortunately, continuous technology

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