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Asking Good Questions (Inspiration Behind Indago)

“Leaders today need to revisit an overlooked skill: asking questions.” So writes John Hagel III in a recent Harvard Business School Review article titled, “Good Leadership Is About Asking Good Questions.” Here are some excerpts:

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Taking a Targeted Approach to Contract Capacity Procurement

It’s been a roller coaster ride for shippers and carriers the past few years. Remember 2018, when transportation spend went through the roof due to capacity constraints? And then last year, the pandemic upended the

VF Corporation: Supply Chain Mapping

Last year, we asked our Indago members about their supply chain mapping experience and capabilities. As expected, our members have the most visibility to the physical locations of their Tier 1 supplier facilities, with 91%

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The Reality of Last Mile Delivery Challenges

The end-to-end supply chain encompasses many logistics functions, but the rise of e-commerce, especially over the past year due to the pandemic, has put an intense spotlight on last mile delivery.  What makes last mile

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