Omni-Channel Fulfillment and The Future of Retail Logistics – A Conversation with Retail Executives Eric Morley and Will O’Brien

The competition between online retailers like Amazon and traditional brick-and-mortal retailers like Walmart and Target continues to intensify. They are all pursuing the same goal: win the consumer by enabling them to buy what they want, when they want it, online or at a store, at the lowest possible price. In this episode, Eric Morley and Will O’Brien, former supply chain executives at leading retail companies, share their insights and advice on the supply chain and logistics challenges associated with omni-channel fulfillment and what it will take for retailers to succeed in this new environment.

Watch Eric and Will discuss…

  • The biggest changes that have occurred in the retail industry over the past decade
  • Who is driving omni-channel fulfillment: Sales & Marketing or Supply Chain and Logistics?
  • The supply chain and logistics challenges created by omni-channel retailing
  • Same-day delivery and whether retailers can provide this service profitably
  • Can brick-and-mortar retailers compete with Amazon and other online retailers?
  • The role of mobile and other technologies in the retail industry

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