Retailers: The Path to Executing a Smarter Supply Chain Network

In this episode, Chris Merritt, Vice President and General Manager of Ryder’s Supply Chain Solutions Global Retail vertical, discusses some of the supply chain challenges retailers face today, along with some best practices and advice for how retailers can execute a smarter and more cost efficient and responsive supply chain network.

Watch as Chris talks about…

  • The new challenges and opportunities retailers face today compared to 5 or 10 years ago
  • The importance of supply chain visibility, why so many retailers still have blind spots, and how they can improve
  • Why “control towers” are getting more attention today and the attributes of a successful control tower operation
  • The attributes that define a smarter supply chain network for retailers
  • How retailers can use Lean to improve their supply chains
  • The role of a 3PL in helping retailers achieve a smarter supply chain network

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