The Educator’s Perspective: A Conversation with Dr. Tom Speh, Miami University

In our Educator’s Perspective series, we interview leading educators in the supply chain and logistics field about their research, as well as trends in academia. In this episode, Dr. Tom Speh, Senior Director of MBA Programs at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, discusses trends in supply chain education programs and how students, young professionals, and executives can best leverage them to enhance their career.

Watch as Tom talks about…

  • The biggest and most important developments in the supply chain and logistics industry
  • His thoughts on the talent gap in the industry
  • What recruiters are looking for in terms of skills, knowledge, and qualities from undergraduates
  • The role e-learning and massive online open courses are currently playing, and their pros and cons
  • Whether getting an MBA makes sense or if other options, such as certifications and certificate programs, are better
  • The skills and knowledge supply chain professionals must have to be successful future leaders

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