Why Startups Demand Your Logistics Attention: A Conversation with Tom Friedman, Angel Investor

While web startups like social media sites have dominated the headlines in recent years, the investment community is starting to become interested again in startups that make tangible things. But many entrepreneurs, while very knowledgeable in engineering and product development, lack the skills and expertise in one critical area to scale their companies: logistics and supply chain management. In this episode, Tom Friedman, an angel investor, discusses the challenges he sees in jumpstarting “the maker economy” and how to overcome them.

Watch as Tom talks about…

  • Why angel investors and venture capitalists have historically “turned up their noses” at physical product startups
  • The most common supply chain and logistics challenges entrepreneurs face
  • The role 3PLs, technology companies, investors, and others can play to help entrepreneurs succeed
  • Why entrepreneurs should think about supply chain and logistics first rather than product features and functions

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