Great Advice for Young Professionals from Supply Chain Executives

Earlier this year, I launched Talking Logistics, a weekly online video talk show where I interview thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry. One of my goals was provide students and young professionals with an interactive platform to engage and network with industry executives.

I’ve had many great guests over the past five months, and I’ve asked many of them the same question: What advice would you give to students and young professionals interested in a supply chain and logistics career?

Watch the short clips below for some great advice from Kevin O’Meara, Eric Morley, Will O’Brien, Art Mesher, and Jim Matcham.

Then post a comment and share your advice too.

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Kevin O’Meara: Be as quantitative as you can – the more you can do the mathematics of supply chain, the more you’ll understand it.

Eric Morley and Will O’Brien: Go broad as well as deep, and find an industry mentor. Follow your passion and recognize that supply chain management is about driving top-line growth too.

Art Mesher: Never stop learning. LEARN is an acronym for me: Listen, Educate, Articulate, Research, Network.

Jim Matcham: Strike a balance between going wide and going deep, and take on a big and difficult project every year.