Collaboration in the Network: The What, How, and Why

Collaboration has always been a hot topic in the supply chain and logistics industry, although historically, relatively few companies have “walked the talk” and taken the necessary action to make it work. Today, however, more and more companies  are revisiting collaboration with renewed interest and motivation.

Supply Chain Operating Networks are the perfect platform to enable collaboration because they bring all of the necessary data and trading partners together into a single platform. The big hurdle, however, is that many companies are still reluctant or afraid to share their data, so the opportunity for these networks to facilitate collaboration between different companies remains untapped.

In this episode, Chris Jones, Executive Vice President for Marketing and Services at Descartes, shares his perspective on the barriers companies face to enable collaboration; provides examples of the type of collaboration opportunities that are possible in a network model if companies shared data on the network; and outlines some steps companies should take today to start realizing the benefits of network-based collaboration.

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