3PLs Need to Take Broader Perspective

A few weeks ago at the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) Annual Conference, I gave a keynote presentation challenging third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to take a broader perspective of their business. Afterwards, Russell Goodman, Editor in Chief at SupplyChainBrain, interviewed me on the topic, and here’s a brief excerpt from the article published last week:

No one downplays the importance of the logistics services provider – unless it’s the management of the LSP itself by taking a narrow view of just what their company should offer customers. In other words, says Adrian Gonzalez, head of the Adelante SCM supply chain consultancy, it’s dangerous for a provider to see itself as involved solely in transportation and logistics…Gonzalez said 3PLs can sell themselves short – and right out of business – if they fail to see the ever widening panoply of services offered by the competition, not least from start-ups that never saw themselves as providers of logistics services in the first place.

Read the article for the full interview, then post a comment below and answer this question: Do you believe 3PLs have to broaden their value proposition in order to compete effectively moving forward, and if so, in what ways?