Usability Matters: The Importance of the User Interface in TMS

Evaluating whether a transportation management system (TMS) meets your functional requirements remains critically important. But after that list has been checked off, you need to give equal time and consideration to evaluating the user experience. Many user interfaces are crammed with too many features and too much information that users don’t need or want to accomplish their tasks; have non-intuitive workflows that don’t align with the way users are accustomed to working (or the way they want to work); or force users to open multiple windows and tabs, and click countless times, to accomplish what should be a straightforward task.

Why does usability matter more than ever today? How are customer expectations changing? How are enhancements in technology, such as mobile and mapping capabilities, enabling software vendors to improve the TMS user experience? Nicholas Carretta, President at UltraShipTMS, addresses those questions and more in this timely and informative episode.

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