The Cloud Technology Opportunity for 3PLs

As supply chain technology becomes mission critical at global companies, the IT expectations placed on strategic service providers increases. Nowhere is this more important than at 3PLs, who often run critical parts of the enterprise supply chain. Because of this, companies are placing IT capability and competence high on their 3PL requirements list, with Cloud, Supply Chain Visibility, Collaboration and Order Management capabilities in high demand.

How are the IT expectations of 3PL customers different today than in the past? Is cloud technology changing the “build versus buy” dilemma 3PLs have historically faced? How can 3PLs differentiate on IT if their competitors are using the same systems? What are some best practices in managing data quality, which is still a huge challenge for many 3PLs and a major inhibitor to providing timely, accurate, and complete supply chain visibility?

John Urban, EVP and General Manager at GT Nexus, answers those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching, post a question or comment for John and keep the conversation going!

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