5 Ways to Save on Transportation By Acting Like A Big Shipper

Shippers of all sizes face the same transportation challenges and opportunities, from finding capacity to controlling costs to meeting customer service level expectations. But many small and mid-sized shippers suffer from the mindset of, “I’m not Walmart” — that is, they assume that size and sophistication are necessary to achieve meaningful transportation costs savings. Although having a large transportation budget does help when negotiating transportation contracts and implementing systems, the reality is that shippers of all sizes can always develop and implement strategies that have a return on investment.

Jason Hubbard
Jason Hubbard

In this timely and informative episode, Jason Hubbard from enVista discusses five ways that small and mid-sized shippers (and large ones too) can reduce transportation costs and improve operational efficiency that go beyond leveraging the size of their freight spend. After watching, post a question or comment for Jason and keep the conversation going!



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