Listen to El Niño: Why Developing a Flexible Supply Chain Matters

CastleThe El Niño weather pattern, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts will be among the strongest on record, is already causing flooding and mudslides in California. It’s the latest reminder that weather and other natural events, such as earthquakes, can lead to supply chain disruptions. The same is true for labor strikes, terrorist attacks, quality issues, and other non-natural events. In light of these risks, developing a flexible supply chain is the best strategy for success, but what does that mean exactly and how can companies get there?

That is the central question Matt Castle, Director of Air Freight Services at C.H. Robinson, addresses in this episode, as well as…

  • How can companies gain greater visibility of developing risks?
  • What actions should companies take today to minimize or eliminate the impact of future disruptions?
  • How do you measure or assess the flexibility of your supply chain?
  • How can logistics service providers help companies develop more flexible supply chains?

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Podcast version (click to play):