Taking the Long View: The State of the Transportation Market

MennerWhat is the current state of the transportation market? How should shippers and carriers respond?

Those are the central questions on the minds of many transportation executives today, and they’re the key questions that Matthew Menner, Senior Vice President of Strategic Account Management at Transplace, addresses in this timely and informative episode. He also discusses…

  • What are leading shippers doing right in response to the current market? What mistakes should they avoid?
  • What is the carrier’s perspective of the market? What actions are they taking?
  • Will the driver shortage problem and new regulations such as the electronic logging devices (ELD) mandate have a significant impact on the transportation market or is it just hype?
  • How is the role of logistics service providers changing in response to what’s happening in the transportation market? Are the types of services shippers are looking for different today than in the past?

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Podcast version (click to play):