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Smart Shippers Are Taking the Long View in Transportation

As I wrote about several weeks ago, various data points related to the trucking industry suggest we’re in a shipper’s market — that is, there is excess trucking capacity relative to demand, which is putting downward pressure on rates. How are shippers responding to this market environment? “Many shippers have effectively elected to toss to […]

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Taking the Long View: The State of the Transportation Market

What is the current state of the transportation market? How should shippers and carriers respond? Those are the central questions on the minds of many transportation executives today, and they’re the key questions that Matthew Menner, Senior Vice President of Strategic Account Management at Transplace, addresses in this timely and informative episode. He also discusses… What are […]

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Want a Better Supply Chain? Here Are 4 Reasons to Outsource Your Transportation Management

Now more so than ever, corporations understand the tremendous impact logistics and transportation can have on their overall business performance and are taking meaningful strides to optimize their supply chain operations. While some organizations have the human capital, industry depth and expertise, and IT infrastructure to manage their transportation on an insourced basis, a majority […]

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