Overcoming the Barriers to Profitable Demand Fulfillment

RichardBarnett“We want to drive profitable growth” is what many CEOs and CFOs, across all industries, are saying today. But why is achieving this goal more challenging today for companies? What are some of the barriers companies must overcome to achieve profitable growth?

Those are the main questions Richard Barnett, Vice President of Industry Solutions at GT Nexus, addresses in this episode, as well as:

  • Is part of the challenge that companies are less and less masters of their own destiny today?
  • Are companies in a better position today to drive better alignment and collaboration across their trading partner network?
  • When it comes to having a detailed and accurate understanding of their costs, are many companies falling short in this area?
  • What are the key capabilities companies need to achieve profitable demand fulfillment?
  • How are leading companies are overcoming the barriers to profitable demand fulfillment?
  • What advice would you give to companies that are looking to improve their ability to profitably fulfill demand? What questions should they ask, what steps should they take?

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