Three Disruptors of Retail Workforce Management: Omni-Channel, Labor Laws, and Millennials

TylerOwenIn this episode, Tyler Owen, Senior Director Solution Strategy at JDA Software, discusses the disruptive impact omni-channel, millennials, and labor laws are having on retail workforce management. He addresses the following questions and more:

  • How is omni-channel impacting workforce management, both at distribution centers and at stores?
  • Is omni-channel changing the way retailers hire and train associates? Are certain skills or knowledge more important today than in the past?
  • What impact are millennials having as both consumers and as employees in the retail workforce?
  • Do retailers need to do anything differently to hire, train, and retain millennials in their workforces?
  • Can you highlight the potential impact new and pending legislation might have on workforce management?
  • How can technology and workforce management solutions help retailers overcome these different challenges? What capabilities should they look for in a workforce management solution?
  • What questions should retailers ask themselves to assess whether they’re ready to address the disruptive impact of omni-channel, millennials, and labor laws on workforce management?

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