Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (September 4, 2020)

I drove three hours yesterday to see my mom and sister. I hadn’t seen them since December. It was time.

It was a surprise visit for my mom. When I arrived at my sister’s backyard — wearing a mask, sunglasses, and baseball hat — she didn’t recognize me at first. She thought I was a neighbor stopping by to say hello.

It was definitely time.

“I am now taller than abuela!” my youngest daughter exclaimed, her back pressed against my mother’s back, her head an inch or so above. She discovered another way to measure time. 

It was lunchtime and my sister made us ropa vieja with congri. I ate too much, of course, but it had been such a long time.

We spent the afternoon just hanging out in the backyard, while the sun made its way across the sky, another day passing.

Before we left, we set the timer on the camera and took a photo of all of us together, yet slightly apart too. It was time to go.

I drove another three hours back
to who knows where.

Speaking of time, I am taking some time off today to spend with my family. I will provide my commentary on the news above next week.

Have a happy weekend!

Song of the Week: “Time Isn’t Kind” by Fine Young Cannibals