[Video] Enabling Assurance Of Supply In The Global Marketplace

For a long time, companies had been redesigning their supply chain networks and practices to become more demand driven. With the disruptions of the past two years, however, companies are now becoming more supply driven — that is, their manufacturing and sales and promotions plans are being driven more by what parts or inventory they have on hand instead of by customer demand. In fact, in a survey we conducted with our Indago supply chain research community in July 2021, 58% of the respondents said they were becoming more supply driven in response to current market challenges. In short, enabling assurance of supply is more critical than ever. What are the main challenges? How are logistics service providers helping companies navigate through these challenges? And what is the role of technology? Those are the main questions that Tom Nightingale, CEO at AFS Logistics and Martin Verwijmeren, CEO and Cofounder at MPO, discuss in this Talking Logistics episode.

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