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From the world’s largest global retailers, manufacturers and consumer products companies to the smallest owner-operator drayage trucking companies, success depends on end-to-end visibility and orchestration of global supply chain networks. Every move. Every mode. Every mile. With its AI-enabled, data-driven digital platform and solutions for real-time visibility, logistics execution, asset management, optimization and financial audit & settlement, Blume Global leverages 25 years of data insights, its globally connected network, and advanced technologies to help enterprises be more agile and responsive, improve service delivery and reduce costs. Learn more at

Blume Global Videos & PODCASTS

[Video] Going Beyond The TMS Status Quo

There is so much about supply chain and logistics today that is so different from 10-20 years ago. So, it makes sense that the status quo with regards to transportation management systems needs to change too. What does that mean

[Video] The Next Evolution in Supply Chain Technology

In the 22 years that I have been an industry analyst, I have seen a lot of innovation in supply chain technology driven by the Internet, web services, mobile technologies, GPS, cloud computing, and so many other developments. What is


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