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TMS Implementation Success

Which factors are the most important to ensure a successful transportation management system (TMS) implementation? We asked our Indago research community that question back in May. About two-thirds of the member respondents currently use a


Top Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes (Q3 2019)

It’s October, which means the weather is starting to turn cooler (at least here in the Northeast), baseball playoffs are in full swing (sorry Dodger fans), and many companies and supply chain executives are in

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How to Turn Data into Business Value

Companies have access to more data than ever before, but more data doesn’t automatically translate into more insights and business value. How do you go from data to business value? Why is data context important?

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3PL Challenges and Trends: How Technology Can Drive Value

Customer expectations are becoming more demanding across all industries, but that is especially true in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. Companies are relying on their 3PL partners more than ever to help them succeed in

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Rent the Runway: The Consequences of Failed Delivery

Delivery has always been part of the order fulfillment process, but it’s only been in recent years that it has emerged from the shadows, from being a cost center and a back-end process to becoming

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Ugh. As If. Applications Are So Yesterday

“I believe in the power of shared data and technology to build a better future.” Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen probably didn’t have supply chain in

Forecast for 2025 Construction Technology

The construction industry is growing thanks to a strong economy, forecasted to reach $1.2 trillion in the US by 2020, according to Tradesmen International, and